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​Have a jaw-dropping format idea?

All you need is a bit of 


InterContinental Miami, February 5th, 2025

Realscreen + NATPE

It's Back!

Submission Opens on August 1st


What is Formagination?

Formagination is the international TV format competition that introduced the world to TV hits like 'Sex Tape', 'Marry Me Now' and 'Date in Reverse'.

Marry Me Now TV Show
SexTape TV Show
Date in Reverse TV Show

For more than a decade, it has served as a unique launching pad for extraordinary creativity, turning great ideas into TV hits.

On top of pitching their ideas in front of key media executives, the Formagination finalists also get the mentorship and guidance of Armoza Formats' development team towards the competition, to maximize their idea's potential and pitch.

Now, Formagination is back for its 12th edition – bigger and better than ever!

Formagination at Realscreen Summit and NATPE Global 2025

Formagination 11 Jury

Taking place during the crossover day of Realscreen Summit, the largest and most influential global gathering for the unscripted industry in America, and NATPE Global, North America's premier content marketplace, this competition maximizes exposure to key media personalities and puts your format idea at the heart of the industry!

Photo: Rahoul Ghose Photography

Ready to Take Part?

If you're tired of watching the same old shows on TV and have a fresh idea that turns TV formats on their heads, you belong with us at 'Formagination 12'!

Formagination Finalis

Photo: Rahoul Ghose Photography

Being a Formagination Finalist

Formagination 11 Finalists

Being a finalist at 'Formagination' is an opportunity like no other: on top of pitching your idea to a panel of top TV executives at the largest media event in America, finalists also get the chance to work closely with the Armoza Formats Development Team to improve their idea and pitch, enhancing its appeal. This means being guided and mentored by experts who will help you sharpen your presentation, develop a punchy pitch, and create an engaging presentation that will set the tone and maximize your format idea's potential.


Ready to turn your idea into great TV? Submission opens on August 1st 2024!

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“Taking part in Formagination had an immediate and long lasting impact on my career.  It has opened a lot of professional doors and allowed me to take my career in directions I would not ordinarily have been able to pursue. 


The development process led by Armoza Formats' Development Team is an invaluable creative learning experience which will provide you with a new set of tools to enrich your development skills.”

Formagination 11 Winner Geoffrey Okol

Photo: Rahoul Ghose Photography

Geoffrey Okol
Winner  Formagination 11


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